How to clean a projector screen

How to Clean a Projector Screen

Projector screens are now not only displayed in professional cinemas and theaters, but they have become extremely popular in-home theaters as well. Modern houses contain a special room for home theater where they watch movies and other entertainment stuff with family and friends. With the growing technology in the past few years, cinema screens and projector screens have evolved greatly.

However, in any home theater, if the projector screen is not properly maintained, it will ruin the essence of enjoying movies with family in the comfort of your home.

It takes only a few essential things to clean a projector screen. You can either clean it with compressed air or a damp soft cloth if the screen has some stains over it. 

The idea of a perfect home theater is a simple design, brilliant image quality, size of the screen, lighting, and display quality.

Importance of a clean projector screen

Just having a big-sized screen, fancy sitting, and lighting, and 1080p image quality would not allow you to feel the true essence of theater at home. Screen quality is the main core of a quality home theater. Being a home item, negligence can happen in the maintenance of the projector screen which should be taken great care of.  The projector screen at your home might get dusty and unclear due to consistent usage and also kids at home might touch their dirty hands on the screen making it unenjoyable without proper cleanliness.

With time, your screen would automatically become dusty and smudgy leaving unwanted stains and smears on it. If these stains are not cleaned properly immediately, they might cause the stains to become permanent and difficult to remove.

Kids at home might leave stains on their dirty and oily hands while having a quick snack.

Hence, it is highly important to take extra care of your projector screen and maintain its cleanliness regularly in a proper manner.

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Cleaning materials and techniques involved in the Process of How to clean a projector screen:

When it comes to cleaning a projector screen, you must learn the right techniques and washing materials which shall be used for cleaning or else you will destroy your projector in no time.

It’s not a good idea to scrub the projector screen with hard scrubbing cleaning sponges nor can you just simply wash it in a dishwasher. However, you must be extremely cautious and particular about cleaning techniques.

Also, while choosing the cleaning material, you have to be mindful. The usual cleaning solutions would not serve the purpose of cleaning a projector screen.

Let’s dig into the right ways and materials used for cleaning projector screens.

 Point to ponder please be cautious that all the screens are not made with same kind of material. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult the company/brand before applying any cleaning method. You can also take help from the instructions booklet where all the details will be mentioned. 

For branded projection screens, the manuals will be available online on their website and you can always google the users’ reviews and ask any query from them online. If your screen is installed by a custom theater installation company, you can contact them for advice.

Cleaning procedure:

Below are  some important and commonly used procedures to clean a projector screen:

1- Compressed Air:


 Compressed air is quite commonly used to clean the screen. This is the best and highly recommended method because no scrubbing and touching is involved in this method. In compressed air, a high-pressure vacuum is used to brush the dust out of the projector screen without leaving any marks and without any damage. You can pick them form here (Amazon Link). Your projector screen would age gracefully if taken care of in this manner.

2- Wiping with microfiber material cloth:

how to clean projector screen using microfiber cloth

The second method is to wipe your projector screen very softly with a microfiber material cloth. Make sure that the cloth used for this purpose is completely dry. Wet cloth without any gentle detergent would ruin the screen’s crispiness and transparency.

 3- Warm water solution:

How to clean projector screen

A homemade solution made with 95% Lukewarm water mixed with 5% of dishwashing liquid soap would help clean the stubborn stains that can’t be removed with air and dry microfiber material.

All you have to do is use the same microfiber cloth and damp it slightly into the warm water solution. The cloth should neither be too damp nor too dry. With the help of this damp cloth, gently rub the screen inside to the side direction (a big NO to circular motions) removing the stains and oily patches.

4- Alcohol:

Although the above three techniques would be sufficient to safely clean your projector screen, however, there could still be some oily smudges that require more attention to the cleaning.

For those stubborn stains, you can use inactive alcohol following the same process i-e damping the soft fiber cloth in alcohol and rubbing it slightly onto the projector screen.

Alcohol would act like magic to make your screen crystal clear and enjoyable to watch.

In both alcohol and warm water techniques, make sure to dry the screen after damp cleaning with a soft fabric so that no stain is left behind.

Few experts’ tips:

Keep in mind the below experts’ tips while cleaning your projector screen:

1- While using air pressure, make sure to maintain a distance of a minimum of 1 inch between the air gun and screen. Be very careful that the tip of the air gun doesn’t touch the screen.

2- Try your best to avoid touching your fingers on the screen while cleaning with a fiber cloth. The fingers might leave fingerprints on the screen making it difficult to remove. Ideally, cover your hands with gloves for safety purposes.

3- A big fat NO to the scratchy sponges with hard edges. Rubbing the screen with any scratchy sponge would destroy your screen and the damage would be irreversible and irreparable.

4- Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and detergents. Using strong detergents would affect your screen reflectiveness and the image quality would be ruined.

5- Make sure to clean your projector instantly if it gets dust or stain. Leaving dust and stain for a longer time would make it more stubborn to remove.

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Types of projector screens that require instant cleaning:

 1-    How to clean outdoor projector screen:

Projectors cannot only be used for in-door theaters but can also be placed outdoor to enjoy family get-togethers, engagement or wedding parties, or any other events where you want to win the party by placing a big screen in the outdoor area. An outdoor projector screen would make your event worth remembering and extremely fun. For example, if it’s a birthday party, you can play childhood videos and display old memorial pictures making the day memorable. If it’s a wedding party, you can surprise the bride/groom by arranging small clips with special messages from their family and friends and display them on the big screen.

Apart from all the fun factors, it might be challenging to maintain the cleanliness of an outdoor projection screen.

Well, the basic technique to clean an outdoor projector screen is to use a warm water solution mixing warm water with a diluted cleaning solution (not too strong) and damping a soft fiber cloth in it. Rubbing the cloth softly would clean up your projector easily.

Expert Advice:

Expert advice would make your life easier if followed accordingly.

Don’t make it too late to clean your outdoor projector screen. After winding up the party, make it your priority to clean the projector screen because delaying in cleaning would make the stains and dust stubbornly stick to the screen which would be very difficult to remove later.

 2- How to clean a rear projector screen:

Let’s first understand the concept of a rear screen. A rear projector screen is the one used commonly in presentations and business meetings. Also known as portable projection screen self explains the meaning.

The rear projector screen comes in different forms:

  • Foldable (upwards and downwards)
  • Portable rear screens
  • Retractable rear screens

However, the most commonly used one is a foldable screen.

The cleaning procedure for a rear projector screen is quite similar to the one used in outdoor projection screen cleaning.

Using a damp cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water and a gentle, dilute cleaning solution would serve the purpose.

However, the main challenge is to clean it instantly if there is any dust or stain.

The stubborn stains would be difficult to remove because the material used in the rear and outdoor projector screen is sensitive as compared to the home theater screens and any alcoholic or harsh cleaning material can affect the quality.

Things to avoid while cleaning:

While cleaning your projection screen, make sure to keep in mind the below DON’T’S for the safety purpose:

  Use an airbrush only if possible:

If using the airbrush can serve the purpose, try not to use any other procedure, especially any technique that involves touching the screen.

Avoid touching the screen as much as possible.

   Avoid scrubbing, especially with a scratchy material. The scratchy material would ruin the surface and image quality will be affected.

   While wiping, avoid circular movements. The circular movement will not align with the project model of the screen. Usually, the projector screens are designed in linear dimensioned pixels and circular motion would not align with the linear pattern causing the micro-sized scratches.

   If an air dryer is used, avoid hot air because the heat would harm the projector screen. Turn on the cold air option if any hair dryer or any other air-drying machine is used.

Frequently asked questions:

1-    Which is the professional way of cleaning a projector screen?

There is no officially declared professional method to clean a projector screen. However, the air cleaning method is considered to be the best one because it does not include any physical contact with the projector screen.

 2-    What should I do if my outdoor projection screen gets accidentally wet?

Well, it is highly forbidden to allow your projector screen gets wet. You have invested a good amount of money in your screen and taking care of it is the key to its long life. However, during outdoor parties, the chances are there that your outdoor screen might get wet. If it happens, instantly dry it with an air dryer and then gently wipe with a very soft fabric to ensure a crystal clear outcome. If not dried instantly, repairing would be very costly and your manufacturer would not support you with the warranty.

3-    After how many days should I clean my projector screen?

 The good news is projectors are made with very high-quality materials using high technological procedures to withstand the atmospheric changes. Regular cleaning is not required if handled with care.

It is advisable to only clean it if any dirty or oily stain sticks to the screen or if kept unused for a long while causing the dust to stick to the screen.

4-    Which is the best cleaning material to clean an outdoor projection screen?

The type of cleaning material that can be used for cleaning an outdoor projection screen depends greatly upon the condition of the projector.

If your projector is all clean without having any stubborn stains and you just want to brush off the dust, then the best cleaning agent would be clean water. Just splash over some clean water and smoothly wipe off the excess water with very soft fiber. Make sure that the fiber should be as soft as possible.

However, if there are some troublesome stains on the screen, you can use a gentle detergent. Mixing the detergent in warm water and wiping off the screen with microfiber would do the purpose.


This is our take on how to clean a projector screen at home and even simple methods are enough to help you out. 

 As mentioned above, projector screens are made with high-quality materials and IT Procedures, however, everything has to age after a while. The projector screens would last longer if cleaned regularly and monitored by the technicians.

Instantly sorting the issues after detecting them would be a key to splendid display quality for years.

Cleaning material also matters a lot as all kinds of cleaning agents would not be suitable for the projector screen. Apart from this, one has to be very careful about the cleaning movements for-example circular movements while wiping off the dirt might harm the projector screen.

Hence, a detailed study on this article would help you to know all about cleaning a projection screen without harming it and ensuring its lifelong safety.


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