6 Best Projectors under $100 in 2023

best projectors under $100

Are you a movie buff like me? If yes, chances are you must be tired of watching movies on your small smartphone screens.

Now, Imagine, experiencing the theater quality of your favorite movies at home, and that too without breaking an arm and a leg?

If you answered yes, then buying a perfect projector is all you need.

As a matter of fact, we are reviewing some cheap projectors under 100 in this post.

Who should buy a projector?

People who love having a theatre-like experience at home/outdoors should consider investing in a projector.

Having said that, these projectors are extremely portable and can be carried just about anywhere to enjoy your favorite movies. But having a white wall as a background is a must.

Be it movies, photos, or presentations, you can project just about anything on the wall. The gigantic sized TV is easy to carry anywhere in the world.

6 Best Cheap Projectors under 100 Reviews

Since we want every movie freak to take advantage of these projectors, we are on a mission to review different projectors with different features and budgets, to suit everyone’s unique requirements.

Hence, in this post, we are going to review some best projectors under 100 options along with a detailed guide to make your buying process smoother, fun, and less hectic.

So without any further ado, let’s dig deep.

1AuKing Mini Multimedia Projector● Hardware Interface
● Mounting Type
● Wattage50 watts
● Brightness 2600 lumen
Check Price
2ELEPHAS 2021 Projector● Hardware Interface
● Table Mount Tripod
Mount Ceiling
● Wattage 60 watts
Check Price
3GooDee Movie Projector● Hardware Interface
● Ceiling Mount
● Wattage 60 watts
Check Price
4DR.J Professional● Hardware Interface VGA,
USB, HDMI, Headphone
● Ceiling Mount
● Brightness 7500 Lumen
● Remote Control
Check Price
5PONER SAUND GP16● Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI,
● Table, tripod, ceiling (mount not included)
● Brightness 5500 Lux
Check Price
6ManyBox Mini Projector● Model V503
● Hardware Interface VGA, USB
● Brightness 3500 Lumen
● Remote Control
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1.) AuKing Mini Multimedia Projector – Amazon Best Seller

Auking multimedia secured the first position under our 100 category. AuKing Mini Multimedia Projector

Owing to its superior viewing experience, it has earned the badge of bestseller on Amazon.

Let’s explore some of its amazing features.

Experience Superior Home Theater

Now enjoy the feel of a premium home cinema experience, as the projector comes equipped with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 1080p supported resolution.

For anyone whose priority is a bigger screen and clearer images, the projector is a perfect treat for them. The projector brings you 35% brighter image quality than any other projector with the same price range in the market.

What else could you ask for?

Portability and Multiple devices Connectivity

Another feature that we loved about this projector is its portability and multiple device connections. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite videos, TV series, football matches, and images that too on any device you want, be it your tablet, TV, laptop, or smartphone.

Built-in Speaker

The projector combines a big screen of 32~170 inches projection display size and a built-in speakers feature that provides amazing sound quality. Furthermore, you can even connect them to any external speakers to match your high standard of sound.

Powerful Cooling System & Low lamp life

The projector is more durable than its previous models, thanks to its advanced cooling technology. The powerful cooling system supports cooling off the heat of the lamp, which results in extending the life span of the bulb, you can easily use this bulb for 15 years or more.

As per one of the happy customers on Amazon,

“Great little projector!! Perfect for our outdoor movies, our kids absolutely love it!! We love it so much that we have been recommending this machine to everyone in my neighborhood! So easy to use!! The picture quality is great!!

Great customer support and 2 years warranty make the projector even more commendable. You can even take along this projector for your outdoor picnics and adventures in dark.

  • Great price and value for money.
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Quick startup time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Superior stereo sound
  • Multiple devices connectivity
  • Portability makes it easy to carry
  • In some cases, the remote is problematic

Check price On Amazon


2.) ELEPHAS 2021 Projector – Best Portable Mini Projector


The Mini projector, designed with the latest Wi-Fi connection just needs one-time wifi access to synchronize the smartphone screen.

Let’s look into some of its impressive features.

Highly Compatible

It’s highly compatible with all devices, be it Android, iPhone, or windows 10. Just one time Wi-Fi connection is required though.

If you are outdoor with no WIFI. You can even connect the projector to your iPhone device with an original cable line easily, no expensive adapter is needed for this. Now you can enjoy projection anywhere, anytime, without worrying about having a Wi-Fi connection.

Superior Visual Experience

The projector is known to provide the ‘ultimate visual experience’ owing to the powerful parameters. The 1080p, which is a full HD mode, 24-bit true-color support, and 200″ screen makes the brilliant image projection possible. You can even use the projector for a long time without worrying about it getting hot, as it has a fast heat dissipation could get a little warm though.

Noise Reduction technology

The portable projector comes with noise reduction technology which makes your home theater experience almost perfect. Also comes with built-in speakers with excellent and impressive voice quality that makes your experience almost similar to any cinema house.

Furthermore, the projector also offers diffuse reflection technology which is less harmful and friendlier to the human eye than Tv, though we highly recommend you to keep 6 to 10 feet distance to get the best eye protection and view.

Happy customers on Amazon says,

“Just what I was looking for. This little guy is it! It’s super small and lightweight (pencil for scale). Great quality image, and sooooo easy to set up! I had it projecting from my phone in less than 5 minutes from opening.”
“The projector came today and my 12-year-old daughter set it up with her laptop (as it’s easy to set up) and had YouTube filling my dining room wall within minutes. The picture is so pretty in a dark room, but it’s also pretty visible even if the light is on in the room. Happy with the purchase.”

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Impressive Built-in-Speakers
  • LCD technology
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Impressive image quality
  • The quietest projector I’ve ever seen
  • Worth the price
  • The image quality is good, but you will need total darkness for better quality.

Check price On Amazon


3.) GooDee Movie Projector – Best Cheap Projector

GooDee W18 WiFi Movie Projector

The GooDee mini is the best cheap projector for folks looking for a projector under 100. It’s compatible with iOS and all Android devices.

It’s versatile and fun and can be used for any given occasion. It’s not just great for work, but also works for home and play.

Let’s dig deep into some of its amazing features below.

An adjustable Zoom function is amazing!

The best feature about the projector is its adjustable zoom function. You can use it to enlarge or minimize any given screen segment from 75 to 100. Just press the left and right buttons on your remote control and get the desired image size. It’s a great feature for gaming enthusiasts and makes their gaming experience more enjoyable.

Brighter images and unique light reflection technology

Its unique light reflection technology, can reduce 51% of the direct light damage as compared to the TV and protect the human eye. The upgraded lamp technology and brightness of the lamp provide with better viewing experience in terms of brightness and image quality and durability, as compared to other projectors of the same type in the market.

Portable Mini Projector

The projectors weigh only 2.2 pounds which makes them a popular choice among the users. It’s super portable and lightweight and hence provides convenience to users. It’s not only good for indoors, but also an ideal choice for outdoor events. Owing to its lightweight size, it’s easy to carry around and hence saves you from the hassle of transportation.

6 years Warranty and Professional support

We are certain that you will like this projector, however, if you don’t, you can always claim 6 months free return for a full refund and a 6-year free repair. Long-life professional customer service & technical support is also provided with the product.

Noise Suppression Technology

The unique noise suppression technology that cuts fan noise in half are additional perks that make this projector a must to have. Also, the unique cooling system ensures heat dispersion.


Built-in-Speaker offers great sound quality which means you don’t have to carry the burden of additional speakers, however, you can always link the device to external speakers to enhance your experience.

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As per a happy customer,

“I am very happy with the purchase. I am super impressed with this product. The sound is great the picture is great. It’s just on my kid’s bedroom wall which is blue so I think the fact that it’s not a white wall speaks for the quality of the product. I used it during the day and there still is a pretty good picture with indirect sunlight.”

Another customer shared his experience,

“Bought this baby for my girlfriend’s daughter’s bedroom. Way cheaper than a TV, and works flawlessly with an Amazon Firestick plugged right into the HDMI and USB.”
  • Adjustable zoom function which is a treat for gaming freaks
  • Extremely portable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry on the go with you.
  • Easy to setup
  • Great image quality even in daylight with indirect sunlight
  • Great price for all the amazing features.
  • Great sound
  • Some people find it just a basic entry-level projector with a basic screen.

Check price On Amazon


4.)DR.J Professional [Latest Upgrade] – Best Indoor and Outdoor Movie Projector

DRJ Upgraded Mini Projector

DR.J L8 is the best projector for both indoor and outdoor home theater entertainment.

The projector is highly recommended when it comes to cheap projectors under 100. This is an upgraded model that’s worth every penny you pay for it.

Don’t believe us? Let’s look into its unique features.

Projector screen included

To meet the needs of its customers, the updated projector model comes with a 100-inch portable projector screen. Not just that, the model has also improved the brightness, contrast ratio of the projector. Now you can have a great time, enjoying the great movies outside with your family in your yard. With this model, we are confident, it can meet almost all the customers’ home entertainment needs.

Built-in Speaker Stereo Sound

With a Built-in speaker and superior stereo sound, you don’t need to connect any external speakers. The new DRJ projector upgraded the build-in stereo surround speaker, worked on every detail so that you experience every sound and emotion that you are supposed to feel. They make your movie night with your family, an extraordinary experience.

Five Layer LCD Lens Display

DRJ projector boasts of five layers LCD lens to offer its customers the clearest resolution a projector can so that you don’t miss any detail. You can easily set up the projector anywhere you want and enjoy the best video display image, but make sure to adjust the focus and the provided keystone buttons.

Advanced Fan Cooling System

DRJ also makes use of the latest dual fan cooling technology, which is quite enough not to interrupt the audio experience and prevents the unit from overheating even after using it for hours. Even though it comes with a cheap price tag but it hasn’t made it compromise on its amazing features such as image clarity and black depths

Speaking of its amazing features, even the 2000:1 static contrast ratio is something that we are in complete awe of!

No more blurry images

The DRJ has improved the native resolution to 1280×720 and Full HD 1080P. The only mini projector that has upgraded to native 720P resolution. So that you enjoy the best image quality at home, without having to pay for an expensive projector. So, invest in the DRJ HI-04 projector and say goodbye to blurry images forever.

Enhanced Color Contrast Ratio

This model also improved the projection color contrast to 3800:1 so that you enjoy more true colors and balanced vividness of video images and make the most of your movie experience.

The model makes use of the healthy diffuse reflection technology, not using direct light as a source. Even if you continue watching movies for hours, you will not experience fatigue as you normally would in the case of a projector without this additional feature.

So what else?

Let’s talk about the projector’s quality and reliability. Longevity is one thing that this model will never disappoint you with. It comes with a lamp lifetime of 40000 hours, which can last for more than 15 years.

Whether you would like to play SD videos or Full HD movies, it will help you to enjoy all types of visuals without comprising their actual quality.

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A happy customer shares her experience on Amazon,

“This projector is great value for its price! The image is crisp and the colors are great. It’s quieter than other projectors I’ve seen. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a tripod, so be sure to buy that separately. Otherwise, If you like movies, buy this. You won’t be disappointed!”

Another customer shares her experience,

“The picture quality is clear and bright even in the daytime. I love that we can plug in the Roku and Switch and view them on the wall. Overall, I love feeling like I’m at the movies in my living room.”
  • Five Layer LCD Lens Display
  • Totally worth the money
  • Advanced cooling system with low fan noise.
  • Long lamp life, it can last for 15 years
  • Support TV function
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers multiple connectivity on various devices
  • Decent image quality with balanced vividness levels.
  • One-year refund warranty
  • Could work on color reproduction.

Check price On Amazon


5.) PONER SAUND GP16 – Best Value


One of the best value money projectors that come in our recommendation of under 100.

The HD quality image and wireless connection are two features that work in its favor.

Best Choice for Brighter, Crispier, and Dynamic images

The GP16, video projector boasts 1280 x 720P native resolution and 920 x1080P Supported, and a high luminosity of 5,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 5,500, which will ensure that you will get the brightest images, and makes it ideal to use even in daylight, creating a perfect personal home theater

Furthermore, owing to its built-in LED light technology, it will provide you with 80% more brightness, as compared to its similar counterparts.

5-Layer Glass Lens

The mini projector promises powerful and dynamic images, each image projecting its true colors, thanks to its High 5500:1 contrast ratio makes for making images more colorful and vivid.

The projector comes with image optimization and a high-definition glass lens, which prevents stray light from interfering with images. Focusing and keystone correction can also be done manually.

Great Stereo system

The built-in speaker provides powerful, crystal clear sound quality, without using any external speakers and headphones, almost completing your home theater experience.

The projector is compatible with multiple devices such as TV Stick, Android or iOS devices, PS4, Laptop, etc. with a wireless connection available, it can mirror movies, videos, apps, games, photos on mobile devices to the big screen anytime. You don’t need to buy any adapters or extra cable.

  • Includes HDMI cable
  • Can also be used in daylight
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Image optimization and 5-Layer Glass Lens
  • Connectivity issues on some devices could be a problem for some people.

And this is what one of the customers on Amazon has to say about the projector

“I bought this projector to do summer movie nights in our backyard with our kids and their friends. I loved it for the price as it was super awesome, and it comes with a screen. We set it up quickly and boy was I surprised. The picture is clear and the setup was amazingly quick. The only negative is the audio, but I can buy some speakers for it to help with that. 10/10 recommend for anything you need to use this for. It’s a life savior.”

Another customer while sharing her experience says,

“Overall, I don’t have much to complain about this projector, it is totally suitable to be used as a daily entertainment projector, and the projector itself also looks nice enough that I don’t feel ashamed to set it up in open space of my living room. In fact, for the price, I bought it for, it’s really amazing.”

Check price On Amazon


6.)  ManyBox Mini Projector – Best Projector with Speakers

ManyBox Mini Projector

The Manybox mini projector makes an ideal home entertainment choice.

For those looking for a versatile projector, and great price, it’s going to be a treat.

Let’s dive deep into some of its astounding features.

Superior watching experience

This mini projector claims to have 70% brighter images as compared to other projectors. Owing to its 2000: 1 contrast ratio, supported 1080P resolution, gives you a superior watching experience.

Built-in Dual Speakers

Built-in dual speakers provide excellent and high sound quality which makes your movie experience all the more exciting. It’s also equipped with advanced fan cooling technology and lamp life for up to 45, 000 hours.

Multiple devices Connection

The device can be connected to a multiple devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, USB drives, game consoles, etc.

The projector is best for playing videos, TV series, photo sharing, watching football matches, etc.

1 Year Warranty

The projector comes with a 1-year and service & Technical support. If you have any problem, feel free to reach out to the company’s support anytime.

One of the customers of the projector shares his experience and that’s what he has to say,

“It’s not quite up there with the new 4K stuff but it is honestly very impressive. For some reason, I’m unable to post a picture but I was very impressed with the quality of the video. The sound was plenty loud enough for a backyard camp out. It was so much fun and a nice difference from the everyday movie night in your living room. I will say that I didn’t have the correct connection I needed for my iPhone to hook up which is what I was expecting to do (my fault I should have read better.) However, I do have a fire stick and it hooked up very easily with no problems at all. Overall this was one of those Amazon wins. I still can’t believe a product that is under 80$ would be such a cool gadget.”

Another customer has to say the following,

“I bought this mini projector so my wife and I could enjoy movies in our bedroom without spending hundreds on a big screen TV. I am happy with my home theater setup. The biggest complaint I have is the instruction manual is less than comprehensive. I really wish this unit supported Bluetooth, but for what I paid, this unit delivers and then some.

I recommend this projector for your on-the-go movie needs, or as a basic in-home phone mirror. I would not recommend this unit for work-related tasks such as PowerPoint.”

  • For the price, the projector delivers more than basic features.
  • Built-in Dual speakers with impressive sound quality
  • Wide connection options
  • Value for money
  • Good remote control
  • Not suitable for work-related tasks such as PowerPoint.

Check price On Amazon

Best Cheap Projector Under $100: Buying Guide

Now that we’ve shared our review for the 6 best cheap projectors under $100, it’s important to talk about some buying tips or factors to consider before buying a projector under $100.

Since there are many projectors to choose from, hence, picking up the one that really cuts for you can be an overwhelming experience for many, and that’s where our buying guide can be useful.

So before making your final decision, you need to look into the following features.


So typically, three main technologies are being used by most of the projectors for projecting images namely, digital light processing (DLP), liquid-crystal display (LCD), and light-emitting diode (LED). Having said that, since DLP projectors offer the best quality, but they come at a premium price too, so technically it’s impossible to find it under the price tag of $100. So that leaves us with only two options: LCD and LED technology.

LCD and LED projectors make budget-friendly choices and hence make perfect rivals. Most projectors in our review use LCD technology, and some use the newer TFT LCD technology.

When you compare the two technologies, the major difference you will notice, TFT LCDs tend to produce brighter screens and richer colors as compared to LEDs. However, another drawback we would like to draw your attention to is, LCD projectors also generate more heat, which can be an issue if you continue using them for prolonged hours.


Another important specification to look into a projector that affects video playback is its brightness. The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens and should be as per the viewing environment’s light levels. Brightness tends to affect the quality of a projected image.

The brightness of an image is based on the number of lumens, which is going to determine if it’s going to be suitable for your personal projection needs in your environment.

For instance, 1000 lumens might be appropriate for an indoor area that is quite dark with no lighting (consider it a darkroom), while 2000 lumens is decent for a room with a bit of light and can even be used for outdoor activity.

For example, 1000 Lumens is appropriate for an indoor area with virtually no lighting (projecting in a dark room), while 2000 lumens is decent for indoor use with a bit of light. However, what we have experienced is that projectors that come with 3000+ lumens make perfect projectors for outdoor use.

Having said that, you shouldn’t let numbers of Lumens confuse you and determine your buying decision, as there are plenty of projectors in which having 700 lumens is sometimes brighter than having 1500 lumens, thanks to the video optimization feature incorporated in them.


Every projector comes with a resolution potential that it can reach. The size of a display and sometimes even aspect ratio is mainly dependent on the projector’s resolution.

The high-resolution projectors utilize more pixels that are used to generate the image, which means, the higher the resolution is, the image will be clearer and crispier.

Therefore, getting a projector with a high resolution should be in your top priority list so that you get all details displayed correctly and have a more enjoyable experience.

Lens Zoom

Lens zoom is going to be your favorite new feature if you have a small room for your projector. The feature allows a projector to display the image larger or even smaller without needing to physically move it.

Some expensive projectors come with a motorized zoom feature and remote control for your convenience, so you can adjust it using a remote controller from a distance.

It’s a quite useful feature for people having cozy rooms, yet still want to use a projector in the room.


Although portability isn’t a major consideration for some people, but still plays an important role for people with specific requirements. Many mini projectors are designed to be easily carried in a backpack so that you can easily it on the go with you. Their weight isn’t less than 2 pounds, and are not larger than the size of your palm, so they are easy to carry it to your friend’s house or even on vacation.

However, they come with certain limitations. For instance, their compact size is the cause they suffer from overheating issues. So keep in mind, even though they are portable but can’t be used for prolonged hours due to the heating issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the projector work in daylight?

Yes, some projectors can work in daylight. But they don’t perform very well during the daylight and hence, don’t provide much clarity. However, some projectors come with a high number of lumens and contrast ratios, so they are more than capable to produce excellent clarity and sharpness.

2. Can the projector work on the wall?

Projectors work well only on the plain white wall, but having said that, if you use it on any uneven wall with a different color tone, then the result will be reduced output.

3. Which projector to buy?

Your specific requirement and budget will decide which projector is best for you. There are different types of projectors available under a different budget categories. Go with the one whose features you like the most and best suits your budget. You can also go through our buyer’s guide and review articles which will assist you properly.

4. What are the main features to look for?

For buying the best projector under 100, you need to keep in mind the following features.

  • Lamp life
  • Brightness
  • Image resolution

5. Should I buy a 4k Projector?

Yes, we highly recommend you to invest in a 4k projector to make most of all the above-mentioned features in a better way because the 4k projectors work best performing these functions.

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Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome home theater experience at home, and the quality projectors recommended by us will make an ideal choice for folks with a budget under $100.

Since these 6 projectors are not high-end projectors, you can’t expect the commercial features, but they do a pretty decent job at the price they come, also meet your needs with amazing features, and last long.

They also offer some features that are only available for expensive models, which makes them worth a great deal.

Also, we should mention that these projectors offer a lot of value for the price they cost, which can be seen especially if you have a look at their features. They have some of the features that can be seen only in pricier models, which makes them even a better deal.

Of course, these projectors are far away from perfect and come with limitations, but they still offer the best value for money.

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