Can you Connect A Roku to A Projector?

Can you Connect A Roku to A ProjectorDo you want to connect Roku to the projector? Are you wondering whether you can connect a Roku stick to a projector or not? 

Well, connecting a Roku to Stick with a projector is an outstanding alternative for getting a Roku smart TV. Through the Roku Streaming Stick, you can achieve 4K pictures that make Roku a pair with a projector.

Can you Connect A Roku to A Projector?

However, you need to understand the way of connection that will assist you to stream the video to the projector and in addition, you can also route for better speakers. The most significant issue that you can encounter while connecting the projector and Roku stick is connecting the sound to the speaker system or soundbar. 

Well, stay along with us to explore – stay along with us!

Options for Connecting a Roku Stick to a Projector:

Following are the options to connect a Roku stick with the projector – you can follow these ways step by step and enjoy your time.

1.) Connect via HDMI Directly to Projector:

The only way by which you can connect Roku to a projector is with HDMI. To do this plug your Roku stick’s HDMI plug into the projector’s input jack. This isn’t a great idea of hooking the stick up directly to the projector. 

Most of the projectors are equipped with bad speakers or do not have speakers, and some of them have speakers whose quality is not up to the mark. This is not a thing to wonder about as projectors are not designed for this purpose. And if you do not have a perfect speaker system, it will become difficult to get the audio back of the projector and down to that system. As of now, you need more cables. We are going to discuss this issue in the next section. 

Another question is about the ROKU remote, which is used to point out no matter where the Roku Stick is in the room. This problem can be solved via rear projectors, short-throw projectors, or a long HDMI extension cable. These are used to place your Roku Stick near the screen. Although this is space-taking and costly, it is valuable. 

2.) Connect via Wireless HDMI Kit:

IOGEAR Wireless HD Plug and Play HDMI Computer/TV/Projector Audio Video Audio Extender Kit is the faster way to overcome the audio issue discussed above. In the short form, we can say it is a wireless HDMI kit. Same as the WeJupit Mini Wireless HDMI Extender Kit. The working of wireless HDMI kits is a thing to learn but it works exactly what it sounds like.

3.) Connect to an A/V Receiver:

An Audio Video Receiver is the ideal solution to manage more than a few speakers or if you have a surround sound system. The audio extractor is used to free up the audio from your Roku stick, but it does not have many outputs. 

When using a receiver, you can easily plug the Roku stick in another receiver HDMI in port, then route the audio as required. You can also go for using a wireless HDMI kit or also use an HDMI cord for getting video from the receiver to the projector.

Main Issue with Connecting a Roku Stick Directly to a Projector:

As you’ve probably noticed in the above sections, there’s a recurring theme around the Roku sound being trapped on the device, or worse, at the projector’s onboard speakers. You have a few ways to solve this, but they do require a little thinking and a little planning.

Although the wireless HDMI kit will get the Roku down on the ground where you can manage it directly, you’ll need to add an extractor kit or A/V receiver to formally split the audio and video content. The only trouble is that, if you’re going to do this much work to manage the audio, you’re likely already considering a more robust solution for the video content as well.

Problems with Roku Sound on the Projector’s Speakers:

Many times things don’t work the way we expect; similarly, the Roku connection creates problems. So, we have come up with a solution.

1.) Annoying Automatic Features:

Many times the issue that you can feel while connecting the projector speaker is the wrong configuration and many times we take these problems big and waste a lot of money.

So, you can automatically enable the setting called HDMI link and we hope this seething will not let you face this issue for the next.

2.) Advanced Audio Codecs:

Another problem that you can face is advanced audio codes that do not support Roku sticks. This problem can occur in any media: fantasy film, blockbuster action, sci-fi, etc.

If you have this problem in connection, you won’t get the sound from the media.

3.) Older Equipment:

If you are on the way where you are using analog and older equipment; perhaps, the reason is you are using a projector that includes plenty of audiophiles. So, you need to ensure compatibility on every end.

5.) Projecting with Roku:

Maybe you are on the point where you can use your projector and Roku stick for a premium viewing experience. However, by doing a little effort you can fix the audio in a way that you will get an exceptional listening experience.

So, from now on, you will not be hit by this question: Can you Connect A Roku to A Projector – you will simply follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy big-screen fun.

The Key Take:

We hope from now on you will not be perplexed about Can you Connect A Roku to A Projector because we have elaborated on it. So, you can read this blog post from start to bottom and sort out your problem.

If you will get any issue in the way, you can re-read it and ensure you are exactly following our instructions.

So go ahead!

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